Social Networks for RE Professionals

Top Social Networks for RE Professionals

As a Real Estate Professional, there are a few Social Networks you should consider joining and participating on. These are some of the Top sites in the world and your presence there will make a significant difference in the growth of your business and your online relationships.

Social Networks
ActiveRain – The largest and fastest growing Real Estate Network in the World

LinkedIn – Your Online Professional Profile and Resume with references

FaceBook – The Largest Community and Consumer Social Network in the World

Twitter – The Largest and most used Micro-Blogging Platform in the World

Youtube – The Largest Syndicated Video hosting Library in the World

Flickr – The Largest and most used photo hosting site on Earth

Friendfeed – Pulling all your Social Networks and Feeding them Together

There are literally hundreds of Social Network sites available to join and participate for FREE, but these are a few that every RE Industry Professional should be on or at least start with.  Each network and community has a different type of environment to offer, the key to your success on each of them is to connect and engage with others.  Transparency and professionalism will take you far on any of these social networking platforms.

Social Networking In Plain English

Twitter FriendFeed Facebook Flickr LinkedIn All Networks

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