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Hubspot – Your New Business Mothership

What is Hubspot you ask?  I could probably tell you in 500 words or less, but they do a really great job themselves in just over 2 minutes which in my opinion is much easier, faster, and a more efficient way to understand the true value of their site, product, and outstanding service they provide.

Once you watch this video, you’re going to say to yourself…Self, the folks at Hubspot really DO get it!


Top Tech Tools, Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

In the constant search and endeavor for the greatest content available on the web… here are some tools, resources, tips, tricks, and techniques that we’ve come across and know will be helpful.

Best Anchor Text SEO Tips and Secrets

Getting To The Top of Google

The Ultimate SEO CheckList

32 Twitter Branding Techniques

140 Twitter Marketing Tips

How To Rank #1 on LinkedIn

16 Google Analytic SEO Secrets

8 Twitter SEO Tips That Deliver

Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2012

19 Ways – Get More From Facebook

11 Link Building Strategies for SEO

Mixing Radio with Blogging

Blending Radio with Blogs is a fascinating concept. Based on the information in this video, it appears to be headed down an even more useful path then we had imagined in the past. Not only the resources and tools out there are starting to have a real impact on business, but some of the companies using them will impress you.

Mixing Radio with Blogging may be a combination to consider blending if it truly increases your search engine ranking and reaches an extended audience who is more the audible type. BlogTalkRadio is one of the few sites that has created a very successful and reputable platform for small and large business owners.

Communication is the name of the game, and reaching the largest audience possible with your message is the goal. Using a combination of Blogs, Radio, and Video seem to be the most effective trends and tools for captivating an audience and creating an online interest from viewers and listeners all over the world.

Seesmic Desktop – Socials Next Generation

Seesmic Desktop is a must see if you have any online Social skills whatsoever.  You don’t need to be a tech whiz to be Social, and you only need to be Social to benefit from Seesmic Desktop.

Here’s a quick teaser video of the next generation desktop tools Seesmic is providing…

and here’s a link to get you started when you’re Good and Ready!

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The Embedr – A Multiple RE Video Player

The Embedr – A Multiple Video Player is a fantastic tool for allowing Youtube users to place multiple (up to 50) videos into a single player.  Search by topic or use individual video URL’s to compile and provide a unique and powerful video experience for your readers, subscribers, and viewers.  The Embedr is Free to use and only requires that you spend a few moments of time creating a video play-list or view-list that will benefit your target audiences.

Here’s an Embedr player featuring the Top 50 Most Viewed Videos on Youtube.

Imagine creating a relocation player, a Virtual Community tour and Listing compilation, maybe even interviews and updates about your hyper-local areas and neighborhoods.  Using a tool like this makes watching videos convenient, easy, and fun.  The best part is that you can setup multiple videos and use multiple players to share a variety of topics and useful information.

How To Improve Video and Images – Get SEO

How To Improve your Video and Images for Higher Ranking in the search engines.

Matt Cutts from Google explains a few ways you can accomplish this. He shares some great ideas on using and adding meta-data and user generated content.  The idea of using captioning in Video is brilliant!  You provide the transcripts and youtube will auto-align the text.

Matt also shares some great ideas on how to use flickr, he gives some great examples and says “it’s almost like crowd sourcing!”  Flickr has great SEO but you need to understand how to use tags, descriptions and some of the tips in this video will help you understand how and why.



These are some of the best FREE tools we discovered in 2009. They will save you time, money, and help your business beyond what you could ever imagine. There is a lot of sites and information here so take a deep breath, don’t get overwhelmed, and explore until your heart is content. Each title is linked to the home page of each site, do yourself a favor, check them out, then decide which tools you won’t or will be able to live without in 2010!

Microsoft Office Online

An open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more.

Convert Any Document to .PDF Format

No Adobe Acrobat Required, uses a simple printer interface to create .pdf files.


Record Screencasts up to 5 minutes with audio and store on server, upload to YouTube, or save on desktop.  Add to your Websites or Blogs to share.
Also see:

Online Photo Editing

Correct, Edit, add Splash to Images & Photos

Adobe Photoshop Jr. – FREE!

It’s The Ultimate image manipulation software.
Photo and image editing for the PRO!

Slideshow Presentations
Create Custom slideshows, Frame YouTube videos, create CoolPix, Create Global Guestbook’s and more.

Also See

– Your Life and Business Perfectly Mixed and Syndicated
Mix photos and videos with effects and music
to create something WOW worthy in minutes!

Text To Movie
– Custom Created Videos and Animation
If you can type, you can create Video on any topic or discussion.
Create text Video and add animation to bring characters and message to life

Video Download Tool
Video Download Tool for Offline PresentationsDownload videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MegaVideo, and lots of other video sharing websites. for MP3 from Video

The easiest way to sent large files to anyone
Just select the files you want to send and TransferBigFiles will email the recipient with a link to the download page

Graphic Designs Online

Create, Store and Share custom banners, headers, buttons and images etc.

RSS Multiple Feed Widget

Mingle all your feeds together in a single RSS feed. Produce a combined RSS, Atom, JSON and a widget.

Monitor What People are Saying About You

Build your reputation, Reward customer loyalty, Turn every transaction into an advertising opportunity, be added for free to the
directory of trusted experts

Publication Library and Storage

A place to create, author, store, and share publications publicly or privately.

Build Custom Pages and Share
Read, learn, create custom pages and feeds to your favorite authors and topics, then share with other like-minded individuals.
Alltop has some of the best content providers, bloggers, and authors in the world covering any and every topic imaginable.

Online File Storage and Sharing

Upload Pictures, Documents, Video, Sound Files and share with others.

Real Time Sharing & Collaboration

Create each drop in two clicks and share what you want, how you want, with whom you want.
Also see: Google Wave

Multiple Callers on Phone

Why pay for conference and long distance calls?
FCC now comes with Free recording.

Also see

Video Conferencing
Host meetings, Join meetings. Web conferencing up to 20 attendees free.

Also Try &

The Ultimate Widget for Text Messaging

Use on Websites, Blogs, Social Networks, On-Line profiles.
Allow your visitors to text message you instantly.

The Worlds Marketplace for Events

Interactive web calendar hosting service, where you and anyone you choose can post events visible and printable to whomever you choose.

The Worlds Marketplace for Events

Publish customized events to Website or Blog, Promote your events, Get RSVP’s and sell tickets online in minutes.

Know Your Neighborhoods

Run any address and get a walk score. Walk Score places come from Google Maps. Add your missing places to Google Maps and it will appear on Walk Score within a few minutes
Also Checkout

Twitter Geography

Helps you search for people Twittering for specific things in specific areas.

The Most Comprehensive Twitter Tools Directory on the Internet!
Over 900+ Twitter Tools sorted by category at your fingertips.

Create Your Own Micro Blogging Community

Great for Businesses, Neighborhoods and Communities, Sports and Hobbies or join others to share and connect.
Also see

FREE Public Webpage

Use to create a custom webpage or buyer, seller, investor presentation.

FREE Flash Websites

Create custom “Flashy” web pages in minutes.

Email Subscription & Newsletter Tool

Build Client/Traffic Base using an email Subscribe Tool
Also See:

Email Signature and Profile
Single RE-Source for all your Social Networking, Blogs, and Websites.

Video Email Messaging
Keep it real with video email. Text email is great but nothing gives your email personality and life like a video message.  Communicate your message with a video and let others get to see you instead of your emotionless text.

FREE Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

The most downloaded software on CNET’s
For the Top 200 FREE site of 2008 – CLICK HERE!

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