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Will Facebook Become A Bank?

YourBusinessChannel posted this video which raises the question, “Will Facebook Become a Bank?”  As Facebook and Twiiter approach the numbers in traffic that Google currently experiences, some would agree that this may be the next move or scramble by some of the Top Social Media players.

What’s the future hold for this type of online bank? Would you place your savings, credit cards, or even your home loans in a Facebook Bank?

This is a really interesting concept, one I’m sure we’ll see unfolding sooner than later.  Would love to hear your thoughts, both good and bad, as to why this will or won’t work in the future of on-line banking?

Lights, Camera, Flickr & Action – Google Maps

Real Estate, Your Camera, Flickr, & Google Maps – The World as One Big Photo!

We all new that one day the real world and technology would find a way to somehow join and unite together to bring more value and fun to the Internet user experience.  The world is all considered Real Estate whether being bought or sold, it’s still “Real Estate!”  Google Maps has done something incredible using photos taken from all over the world by people just like you.

You and your camera provide the great shots, flickr hosts’ them, and Google Maps combines them all together to allow anyone to view nearly the entire world via photo images.  It won’t be long before every crack and corner of the globe is photographed and viewable from any computer screen or cell phone.  You can even view an individuals entire photo library with Google Maps new feature.

So what are you waiting for, get out there with your camera, shoot em up wherever you travel, load em up to Picasa or Flickr, and see your photos appearing in Google Maps and share with the world.  It’s Real Estate Exposed in a whole new way!

How To Improve Video and Images – Get SEO

How To Improve your Video and Images for Higher Ranking in the search engines.

Matt Cutts from Google explains a few ways you can accomplish this. He shares some great ideas on using and adding meta-data and user generated content.  The idea of using captioning in Video is brilliant!  You provide the transcripts and youtube will auto-align the text.

Matt also shares some great ideas on how to use flickr, he gives some great examples and says “it’s almost like crowd sourcing!”  Flickr has great SEO but you need to understand how to use tags, descriptions and some of the tips in this video will help you understand how and why.

Google for The Real Estate Professional

Google for The Real Estate Professional

Who’s looking for a home on the Internet? Who’s using search engines to find out information about an area or to relocate?  Who researches the web to find a lender, inspector, home warranty or title company?  The consumer is, which might be your next potential client.  What is the #1 most used search engine in the world? followed by the #2 Youtube. So instead of farming the traditional old school way, you might want to start farming where the shoppers are going, and use the tools that the “Store” provides for you.

Google for the Real Estate Professional provides a variety of services to help your content on the web get exposed to the “searching” individuals that are on their site everyday. You should be taking full advantage of things like Google Maps, Adwords, Youtube.  You should look into improving operations using tools like Google Apps, Google EarthAnalytics, and Sketch-up.

The majority of home buyers use the Internet to research properties. See what Google has to offer you in reaching and connecting with that majority.  The services are FREE, easy to use, and overlooked by many Real Estate Professionals in the Industry today.

2010 Search and SEO Predictions

Matt Cutts, on a video from GoogleWebMasterHelp gives his predictions for search and SEO in 2010.   Matt discusses the focus on changes to UI (user interface) and some of the areas that have made Google Searches successful to-date.

Comprehensiveness, Relevance, Freshness, and Speed of search. He also mentions and reflects on the “Real-Time-Search.”  There’s a fork in the road ahead, beware hackers, malware, and those performing illegal activities.

It’s great to have someone like Matt Cutts out there sharing this information. Shame on us if we’re not paying attention.

Dodgeball HTML – The Google Code Playground

This is a great site that allows you to sample, test, and Debug HTML code in a variety of formats. Work with multiple API’s and discover the possibilities.  If you’re one that always thought you could get away with having an online presence without learning HTML code, then read no further.

However, if you’re one that’s ready to explore and learn the art of how to use HTML to better your online presence and create a more vibrant and professional website or Blog, then check out the Google Code Playground.

You can’t hurt it, or break it, just practice and learn. It’s one of the better playgrounds out there for adults, and of course the Real Estate Industry Professional.  My recommendation would be to first check out some of the things you can create and do with Video, players, and API using custom HTML codes.

Ok kids, the “Playground” is open, have fun.

Top 45 Google Tools for Your Business – 2009

Top 45 Google Tools for Business in 2009 – Use them in 2010!

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

  1. Google Alerts – Get email notifications from any keyword or phrases used on the web.
  2. Google Blog Search – A sophisticated way of searching the web specifically for Blogs.
  3. Google Books – Google has a ground-breaking agreement with authors and publishers.
  4. Google Checkout – Find it online, purchase it with Google’s Checkout tool.
  5. Google Chrome – The fastest and cleanest Web Browser for PC’s and MAC’s.
  6. Google Custom Search – Create your own custom search engine for your Website/Blog.
  7. Google Desktop – Take control of PC or MAC Desktops, find anything faster and easier.
  8. Google Dictionary – Don’t knock it till you try it, watch out Webster.
  9. Google Directory – The Web organized by Topic and placed into Categories.
  10. Google Earth – Explore and share the World in 3D. Add your photos and Videos.
  11. Google Finance – Track and Edit your Portfolio, Charts, and Graphs.
  12. Google 411 – Dial Directory Services and Information from any phone for FREE.
  13. Google Health – Organize all your medical records and store them on-line.
  14. Google Images – The Ultimate Image search on the Internet.
  15. Google Maps – The best way to map out directions and share with others.
  16. Google News – All the news you’ll ever need and find in one location.
  17. Google Patents – Every US Patent is search-able with the full text.
  18. Google Product Search – Find any product in one location instead of searching sites.
  19. Google Scholar – Looking for a specific paper or Scholarly articles, find them fast.
  20. Google Toolbar – Allows you to add search, share, and contribute to your fav browser.
  21. Google Trends – For those who want to know details about search engine trends.
  22. Google Videos – Used for searching only Video and Vlogs on the Internet.
  23. Google Web Search – Still the #1 search engine tool with the #1 advanced features.
  24. Google Web Search Features – The best search tool for movies, music, books, etc.
  25. Google Code – This is a developer tools, used for APIs and other resources.
  26. Google Labs – One of the best Online Tech Playgrounds on the Web.
  27. Google Blogger – Create your own Blogspot Blog, it’s easy and free.
  28. Google Calendar – Setup and use a Global Calender that you can share with others.
  29. Google Docs – Create spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and more.
  30. Google Groups – Use Groups to connect with others and share ideas and discussions.
  31. Google Knol – Write a Knol and Share what you know with others. Learn too.
  32. Google Mail – Google mail has so many great features for email, and it’s FREE.
  33. Google’s Orkut – It’s a Google Social Network, stay connected with others.
  34. Google Picasa – Upload and store, find, and share your photos and images.
  35. Google Reader – Delivers everything you want to know from the web back to you.
  36. Google Sites – Create your own websites and group wikis for private or public use.
  37. Google SketchUp – Allows you to Design, Build, and Create 3D models and images.
  38. Google Talk –  Talk to friends, send IM’s, communicate with others via computer.
  39. Google Translate – Helps you and visitors to view any site in any language.
  40. Google’s YouTube – The second most searched site in the World.
  41. Google Mobile – Take Google on the Road, & don’t leave home without your phone.
  42. Google Maps for mobile – Just as good as GPS, view maps, directions, get un-lost.
  43. Google Search for mobile – Search the web from your phone anytime from anyplace.
  44. Google Pack – Get the entire Google Pack for your PC or MAC.
  45. Google Voice – The best way to manage phones and services FREE. (invite only)
  46. Google Wave – The future of email and real time collaboration. (invite only)

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Google Launches Chrome for MAC Users

Google Chrome Icon
Image via Wikipedia

Google Launches Chrome for MAC Users – BETA version Now Available!

It’s Finally Here! The Google Chrome Browser for MAC users may just be faster than Safari, FireFox, and the other Browsers available for MAC.  Today came the announcement that you can Download Google Chrome, and take it for a spin.  At first glance, Google Chrome is “Lightning Fast” on the MAC.  It loads fast, VERY FAST, and has a clean and simple layout.  Looks like it could be a mighty contender in the Browser arena.

Testing Google Chrome side by side with Firefox and Safari, Google Chrome was the fastest at loading an un-cached media rich Internet Webpage.  Stability wise, we’re testing it with many different sites to see if functionality is an issue and to determine where the browser may fall short.  So far, I’m very impressed with the first round “Beta” launch of Google Chrome.

Check it out, the more MAC users testing today, the quicker Google can enhance the Browser and make the necessary changes needed (if any) for end users.

Here are a few fun facts from the Google Chrome for Mac team:
* 73,804 lines of Mac-specific code written
* 29 developer builds
* 1,177 Mac-specific bugs fixed
* 12 external committers and bug editors to the Google Chrome for Mac code base,
48 external code contributors
* 64 Mac Minis doing continuous builds and tests
* 8,760 cups of soft drinks and coffee consumed
* 4,380 frosted mini-wheats eaten

Google Chrome Videos Interpreting the Google Chrome Features

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Google Announces Twitter Indexing

Google Announces Indexing Twitter Search Results

Twitter FriendsYesterday, The Google Blog announced that they will be indexing Twitter Tweets in their search engine results. This is new and exciting information for Twitter users across the Globe. Your tweets will now get SEO and be found by those searching for up to the minute, real-time information on topics and subjects that you’re micro-blogging about. It’s time to take a look at how you are using Twitter to maximize Google’s new search engine feature.

“Given this new type of information and its value to search, we are very excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results. We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data, and we look forward to having a product that showcases how tweets can make search better in the coming months. That way, the next time you search for something that can be aided by a real-time observation, say, snow conditions at your favorite ski resort, you’ll find tweets from other users who are there and sharing the latest and greatest information.” Google Blog: Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience

As Google continues to evolve with these types of features and services, businesses and individuals must continue to evolve along with them.  Youtube videos are being indexed, Flickr photos are being indexed, and now with Twitter added to the list, you can be certain that utilizing these sites and tools can and will benefit your online Social exposure,  your shared information and resources, and of course your business. Tweet That!

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Google Wave Overview

Google Wave Overview

Google Wave is a new tool which takes email, sharing and collaboration to an unbelievable level.  We recently asked numerous technology leaders in New York what was next for the Social Media Marketing and Networking world? The majority of them responded with “Google Wave!”

In the past few years, many new technology tools and online sites have surfaced that allow business to be done easier, faster, and cheaper.  Social Networks like FaceBook, Twitter, Ning, and LinkedIn have emerged connecting millions of people making the world a smaller and easier place to access and connect.  So where will it all go from here?  Where we will be in two years from now?

Google is a big part of where we are today, and will certainly be a huge part of where we go tomorrow. It’s hard to fathom how far we’ve come, and moreso, just how far we’ll go.

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