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Mixing Radio with Blogging

Blending Radio with Blogs is a fascinating concept. Based on the information in this video, it appears to be headed down an even more useful path then we had imagined in the past. Not only the resources and tools out there are starting to have a real impact on business, but some of the companies using them will impress you.

Mixing Radio with Blogging may be a combination to consider blending if it truly increases your search engine ranking and reaches an extended audience who is more the audible type. BlogTalkRadio is one of the few sites that has created a very successful and reputable platform for small and large business owners.

Communication is the name of the game, and reaching the largest audience possible with your message is the goal. Using a combination of Blogs, Radio, and Video seem to be the most effective trends and tools for captivating an audience and creating an online interest from viewers and listeners all over the world.

The Art of Real Estate Blogging

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The Art of Real Estate Blogging

Blogging for most people is not something you just jump into and experience immediate success. There is an “Art to Blogging” and like anything else, there is a learning curve, and you only get better by doing.

You’ll start off reading a bunch of How-to-Blogs, then you need to learn the mechanics of Blogging along with the technical aspects and skills.  These are the three most important principles that must be established up front before you create ANY BLOG and for any niche or market.

3 Important “MUST HAVE” Principles before you Begin

  • You must determine your audience
  • It’s important to find your voice
  • Blog with great content and transparency

Once you’ve hurdled these small stumbling blocks, then you have to overcome the three major issues that keep most people in Real Estate from Blogging.  If you can get past these procrastination causing issues, you are well on your way to becoming a “Successful Real Estate Blogger!”

3 Biggest Blogging Enemies and Excuses

  • Finding the “Time” to Blog
  • Coming up with “Content” to Blog about
  • The “Fear” of Blogging and the Unknown

It’s not easy to come up with valuable and useful content for your readers day after day, month after month, year after year.  It’s no easier to find the time of day in this fast paced society we live in.  And the fear we lacked as kids when rolling down the hillside is ever-present in our ego as adults.  So how is it that some Industry Professionals have overcome these obstacles and others have not, or can’t?   More importantly, how do YOU learn the Art of Blogging so you don’t get left behind in the Powerful World of Social Media and WEB 2.0 Marketing and Networking?

6 Tips To Begin Your Successful Blogging Endeavor

  1. Determine your audience by thinking ahead and planning “WHO” you want to reach with your Blog content.  If you have more than one niche, then have more than one blog.  Manage your time effectively.
  2. Finding your “Voice” is nothing more than Blogging with the same voice you talk to people with.  People can read deeper into your 10 pt font than you think.  Be Yourself, be real, it’s your “natural” voice that is the most important tool to use in Blogging.
  3. Great “content” and “transparency” come from your “Heart and Passion”  Blog using both consistently.  Write with emotion and devotion, don’t try to be “A Writer” or an “Author” be yourself and just share.
  4. Finding time to Blog is no different than finding the time to respond to email, or return phone calls. Make it part of your “Daily Plan” to read, write and comment. This will result in learning, sharing, connecting, building relationships, and growing your business.
  5. There is more content to Blog about sitting in your email sent folder than you’ll ever use in a lifetime.  Share your knowledge, experiences, expertise, useful tips and tools, hyper-local content, community events or happenings, and do it with the things you’re passionate about.  Don’t sell!  Everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be “Sold!”
  6. Overcome the “Fear” of what readers might think.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  The voice in your head that says “I’m not a good writer, or “What will people think of me” has to be eliminated from your thought processes.  People who like and connect with you do it because of who you are, not what you write, or what you do.  Think beyond fear, and focus on the power and results of Blogging.  There’s no better way to reach a larger audience and connect with others, and do it at any less of a financial marketing and networking expense.

The Art of Real Estate Blogging is an “ART” and should be considered “critical” to your business plan.  It should be carefully planned out and then implemented.  It’s like any other tool in your business that is weighed and researched for the “return on investment!”  The ROI from Blogging is the best return you can get for the time and cost invested.  Stop thinking about the who, what, when, why, and how of it all, and begin understanding that the reach, the content, the consistency, and the results from your efforts is really what matters most.

As you begin the journey and start to understand the “Art of Blogging,” only time and experience will convert your childlike crayon type paintings into “Masterpieces” of valuable art.  Keep it simple, keep it real, keep it passionate, and keep it going.  You can’t help improving if you just keep doing.  Now before you click your mouse on the next article, sit back in your chair and contemplate, visualize, then realize that the very next step is ALL up to YOU.  Good luck and Godspeed to you and your success!

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ActiveRain RainCamp Tour Begins…

ActiveRain RainCamp Tour Begins…

The official word from the ActiveRain Team and Staff is that the “RainCamp Tour” has officially begun. The first ever event was held in Seattle on October 7th, 2009 and was sold out in just 2 weeks.  The demand for RainCamps all across the Country have sprouted like weeds, hence the start of the Real Estate RainCamp Tour.

With the power of the new Social Media movement and the Blogging phenomenon happening in Real Estate,  RainCamps are designed to educate and help expand an industry professionals understanding of how to build relationships and business opportunities through Social Networking and Social Media Marketing.

So Where is the Tour headed? According to the announcement yesterday, ActiveRain will be in San Francisco Dec 2nd, 2009 at the UCSF Conference Center, then there was mention of Miami, Washington DC, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Arizona and others.  Those dates and locations will be announced soon.  Here’s  what their attendees had to say about RainCamp Seattle.

You can meet many of the ActiveRain Team/Staff on this video we found on Youtube.

If you want more details about the RainCamp Tour, or to see if there are still tickets available:

Is this just another Real Estate Conference? What can people attending expect to walk away with and be able to implement immediately into their Business? “RainCamp – because the way business gets done has changed!”

Top 40 Real Estate Resources and Sites

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Top 40 Real Estate Resources and Sites

Here are the Top 40 Real Estate Resources and sites regarding News, Social Media, Technology, SEO, Networking, and Marketing for the Real Estate “On-Line” Industry.  They were selected based on content, reliability, reputation, consistency, longevity, and both customer satisfaction and rating.

“Click on any page to connect with their site”

There are thousands of reliable Industry Resources on the WEB. The information and education they provide is in most cases FREE, and is readily available.  Finding these resources is only half the battle, learning what they have to offer and share, and then applying it to your business is the other half of the battle.

If you want to lose the battle but WIN the war in Social Media, you’ll be doing your business and yourself a Huge Favor by reviewing these sites and Blogs, grasping what you can, then applying what you learn (with a passion) to yourself and your business.

The Battle now becomes a WIN WIN!!

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Google Announces Twitter Indexing

Google Announces Indexing Twitter Search Results

Twitter FriendsYesterday, The Google Blog announced that they will be indexing Twitter Tweets in their search engine results. This is new and exciting information for Twitter users across the Globe. Your tweets will now get SEO and be found by those searching for up to the minute, real-time information on topics and subjects that you’re micro-blogging about. It’s time to take a look at how you are using Twitter to maximize Google’s new search engine feature.

“Given this new type of information and its value to search, we are very excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results. We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data, and we look forward to having a product that showcases how tweets can make search better in the coming months. That way, the next time you search for something that can be aided by a real-time observation, say, snow conditions at your favorite ski resort, you’ll find tweets from other users who are there and sharing the latest and greatest information.” Google Blog: Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience

As Google continues to evolve with these types of features and services, businesses and individuals must continue to evolve along with them.  Youtube videos are being indexed, Flickr photos are being indexed, and now with Twitter added to the list, you can be certain that utilizing these sites and tools can and will benefit your online Social exposure,  your shared information and resources, and of course your business. Tweet That!

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Reblog this post [with Zemanta] – Ideas For The Real Estate Pro – Ideas For Real Estate Pro hosts Flash and Fancy Modern Day Websites. You can create a user name, setup custom websites and web pages, then access them anytime or anywhere from the internet.  The user interface is very user friendly, and you won’t need any software of HTML experience.  This is a great solution for those of you having to use other web editors which can only be run from your desktop computers.

Build a website in 2 minutes

Some of the possibilities that have yet to be explored using WIX might include these:

      • Creating Listings By Address
      • Open House Templates
      • Listing and Sales Presentations
      • Marketing Campaigns
      • Advertising and Promotions
      • Custom Created Market Reports
      • Mapping and Relocation Tool
      • Niche Property or Neighborhoods
      • Homeowners Associations
      • Groups and Local Events

There are endless ways that you could creatively use Wix. You can create individual, independent  sites for each of these.  You probably have even more ideas now that you’ve seen it.

Brad Andersohn Wix

It’s FREE, they host it on their site. You can sent links to anyone you want with your new Library of Tools and Sites just sitting out on the web waiting to be seen by your next clients. You can edit and customize them on the go.

Here’s a sample of what Alisa Fedele has done with WIX. Very well done, and easier than it looks or than you may think.  Here’s 7 tips to get Google SEO faster according to the Wix Blog.  The site Rocks and should at least be checked out by Industry Professionals to see if what Wix has to offer, just might be the right tools for them.

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Real Estate and Twitter – Over 900 Tools

Real Estate and Twitter – Over 900 Tools

Tweet BirdThere is no doubt that if you’re in the Real Estate Industry, or any industry for that matter, you’ve already heard of Twitter and in many cases have already signed up and are using it. Or at least trying to figure out how to use it for your personal or business use.

The thing about Twitter is that you have to try and get your arms around the concept, the value, the power and the purpose of why it exists and why millions of people are using it.  Twitter is a micro-blogging World Network, but it can also be as local as you want to make it.

Just about the time you figure out how and why to use it, someone comes up with another Twitter add-on, Twitter tool, or Twitter 3rd party service. Now you have a site that keeps track of all these new tools, add-ons, and services for you. site has pulled Over 900 different Twitter Tools for you to explore, all sorted by category, and all conveniently located on one site.  How do we know about this cool site? We saw their Tweet.

The Twitter Tools

If you are new to Twitter, just watching some of these threads, following a few key folks, and posting a few tweets yourself can open a whole new world of knowledge and tools you may want to consider for your business. With over 900 available on this site, you’re bound to find a few.

If you’re in Real Estate, here’s the Top 100 Most Influential People – Pros from the Real Estate Industry.  We suggest you should be following them all.  In a single day, you can learn more from these folks than any other resource out there on the web.

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Social Media Sites – RealTips for REALTORS

Social Media Sites – RealTips for REALTORS

Social Media Sites
Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Real Estate Technology Blogs.  See how you can get the most out of these sites by maximizing your presence and efforts using the tools they provide, and by implementing the tips shared by these Social Media Marketing and Networking Experts.

twitterTop SEO Tips Every Twitter User Must Know:
See How to maximize your Twitter Account for SEO

googleGoogle Voice for Real Estate:
Learn how to use Google Voice for your Business and get an Invite

Picture 1YouTube Channel ReDesign for Real Estate Branding:
Watch Brian Glick from YouTube as he explains the new Channel design

facebook_20Get The Most out of Your FaceBook Business Page:
Mike Mueller shares the value of FaceBook Business Pages

rssMy Tech Opinion Creates RSS Feed Widget:
Get the Latest and Greatest Real Estate Technology Updates

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Create Your Own Micro-Blogging Community

Create Your Own Micro-Blogging Community at is the most popular and most used micro-blogging platform and community in the world, at least for now.  ShoutEm has enabled the “public” to now create, build, and run their own Micro-Blogging platforms and custom communities based around any idea, network, or industry.ShoutEm

Imagine the potential this could have in so many arena’s and the impact it could have on the world.  Businesses, Schools, Teachers, Students, Musicians, Photographers, Scientists, Doctors etc. all having their own Micro-Blogging communities that are just like Twitter.

Shoutem FeaturesWill Micro-Blogging take over WEB and be the new WEB 3.0? Take a look at all the features they offer, and unlike Twitter, you can customize the 140 Character limitation.  You can also create and use your own custom domain names.  Their Blog has more details about features and uses.

Check out the “NFL” Nation, they don’t Tweet, They SHOUT! NFL SHOUTS~  Have a niche or vision for a community of your own? Head over to and create your own Micro-Blogging Community, it’s FREE!

Create YOUR Network

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Social Networks for RE Professionals

Top Social Networks for RE Professionals

As a Real Estate Professional, there are a few Social Networks you should consider joining and participating on. These are some of the Top sites in the world and your presence there will make a significant difference in the growth of your business and your online relationships.

Social Networks
ActiveRain – The largest and fastest growing Real Estate Network in the World

LinkedIn – Your Online Professional Profile and Resume with references

FaceBook – The Largest Community and Consumer Social Network in the World

Twitter – The Largest and most used Micro-Blogging Platform in the World

Youtube – The Largest Syndicated Video hosting Library in the World

Flickr – The Largest and most used photo hosting site on Earth

Friendfeed – Pulling all your Social Networks and Feeding them Together

There are literally hundreds of Social Network sites available to join and participate for FREE, but these are a few that every RE Industry Professional should be on or at least start with.  Each network and community has a different type of environment to offer, the key to your success on each of them is to connect and engage with others.  Transparency and professionalism will take you far on any of these social networking platforms.

Social Networking In Plain English

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