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How Do You Use Twitter – To Talk or Listen?

Twitter may be one of the most controversial social networks on the web and while millions of people all over the world have an account and profile setup, only a smaller percentage have a focused and absolute purpose for it’s use. How do you use Twitter? Have you discovered and uncovered its greatest value proposition? Does one size fit all in the Twittersphere? Absolutely not!

Think of all the ways yo could be using Twitter and don’t limit the options to only work. Open up your creative thoughts and look into some of the potential ways that the greatest micro-blogging network on the planet can bring you and others you touch unlimited and amazing value and benefits. This video will start your inspiration…

Twitter Tips from 32 Tweeters

Do you use Twitter? If so, how? If not, why? Do you even need to be on Twitter? Since the birth of the site, these are age old questions that have been and will continually be asked regarding the popular micro-blogging social network. Millions are on Twitter, but how many use it effectively?

The following tips may very well help to save you time, money, and frustration if you’re considering diving into the twitter-sphere as so many other business owners have. The following tips were given to a tweeter when they asked for advice on “How To Use Twitter” with the best tips their twitter friends/followers could offer? This is yet another great way to use twitter.

Do you have a question about Twitter or any other site, application, product or service? Try using Twitter to ask your question, create a discussion, and get fast and valuable information about pretty much anything you want to know? Keep in mind that there are always people willing to share their findings, tips, and solutions with you and the best part is that they’ll do it for free!

Creating A Custom Twitter Background

How To Create A Custom Twitter Background

Many Twitter users have a custom background for their personal or business profile page on Twitter.  There are many sites that offer FREE Twitter Backgrounds for your page, but have you considered creating one of your own that is unique and customized?

In this video is the instructions to create a custom background for your Twitter page with an explanation of the differences you’ll need to know about when designing your custom page.

There are other applications you can use to create and edit images, backgrounds, and graphics etc. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, you can try Gimp, which is a free download and very similar to Photoshop.

For online options, try or One of our personal favorites and very inexpensive applications is Paint Shop Pro.

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Will Facebook Become A Bank?

YourBusinessChannel posted this video which raises the question, “Will Facebook Become a Bank?”  As Facebook and Twiiter approach the numbers in traffic that Google currently experiences, some would agree that this may be the next move or scramble by some of the Top Social Media players.

What’s the future hold for this type of online bank? Would you place your savings, credit cards, or even your home loans in a Facebook Bank?

This is a really interesting concept, one I’m sure we’ll see unfolding sooner than later.  Would love to hear your thoughts, both good and bad, as to why this will or won’t work in the future of on-line banking?

CoolPreviews – The BEST FireFox Add-on EVER!

CoolPreviews – The “BEST” FireFox Add-on “EVER!”

Access any link from any site or any page without ever leaving the page you’re on. The CoolPreviews Firefox Browser addon allows you to open any link or hyperlink within a webpage or site and it keeps the page you’re currently on open.  It’s a separate window that opens up and allows you full access and full interaction with that specific links landing page.

Let’s say you’re on Youtube looking at a List of Popular videos
, just hover your mouse over the title of any video, and Coolpreviews opens and plays that video in its own window right on your screen.  Want to know where that link and tiny.url go on Twitter or FaceBook?  Again, just hover your mouse over the link, and a window opens allowing you to preview, interact, comment, or even close without ever leaving your Twitter stream.

How Does It Work?

CoolPreviews adds a tiny little icon next to every title, link, hyper-link etc. and allows you to fully utilize any site, blog, or website without opening a new tab, launching a new Browser window, or leaving the page you’re currently on or reviewing.  Talk about a powerful tool when using Google Search??  No opening the link in a new tab, review sites and links on one screen faster and more effectively.  With CoolPreviews, you’ll Never hit the “back” button on your browser again.

CoolPreviews – The Firefox Add-on for “speed & efficiency” in Web Browsing.

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Top Social Media and Businesses To Follow

Top Social Media Sites, Businesses, and Individuals To Follow on Twitter

As many Companies and larger businesses start to discover that protecting their brands and reputations in a Social Media world is important, you’ll start seeing them pop up on sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and other popular consumer sites and networks. Some of the  really sharp smaller companies and individuals are already out there contributing and posting some pretty valuable information and content.


Some of the Larger Companies and well known Sites or Individuals are starting to engage their clients and Target Customers.  They are going beyond just measuring their reputations and managing their brands, they’re starting to really get it, and provide the consumer with on-line value via social media and social networking.

Here’s the Top Social Media and Businesses To Follow on Twitter. Trust me, this list won’t be what you expect!!  It’s been sorted by the number of followers for each company or individual, and then placed in ascending order:

Always wondering what’s happening.
2,714,487 San Francisco, CA
The New York Times
Where the Conversation Begins.
Home page stories from…

2,143,971 New York, NY
A Googler
News and updates from Google

1,938,574 Mountain View, CA
Pete Cashmore
The hottest Twitter news,
Twitter tips and Twitter help….

1,783,918 Scotland / SF
Whole Foods Market
Fresh organic tweets from
Whole Foods Market HQ in Austin,…
1,623,248 Austin, TX
Tony Robbins
The Official Tony Robbins Account

1,592,952 California CEO -Tony

1,560,792 Las Vegas
Woot : One Day, One Deal, One Way.
Also see our other feeds:…
1,533,656 Dallas, TX
The White House
Official WH twitter account. Comments
& messages received…

1,506,365 Washington, DC USA
JetBlue Airways
Have a question? Follow us
and let us help! – Currently on…

1,480,471 11375
Larry King Live
CNN’s Larry King Live

1,441,890 LA
The official Twitter account
for MTV in the US of A

386,729 NYC
PBS — Powered by Viewers
Like You! On Duty: ^LS…

313,112 Arlington, VA
Starbucks Coffee
Freshly brewed tweets from
Brad at Starbucks in Seattle,…

279,009 Seattle, WA
Give people the power to share
and make the world more open…

65,457 Palo Alto, California
Tweets on YouTube news, trends,
and — of course — videos.
58,654 San Bruno, CA

You may not agree that these are the top sites
, and if so, that’s totally OK.  Click here and create a list of your own.  Have fun building your own “TOP” Company or Business list of folks to follow on “Twitter,” you’ll have hundreds to choose from off this Global Master list.  Remember that on Twitter, some of the greatest leaders, are also followers!!

Keep an eye out and check back regularly on that Global list of Companies and Individuals on Twitter, it is growing and changing very quickly.

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Twitter – Top 100 Most Influential in Real Estate

Twitter – Top 100 Most Influential in Real EstateFaceBook ShareTweet This

Twitter members from the Real Estate Industry are using the Micro-Blogging platform and 140 character blogs to be influential and interesting according to Stefan Swanepoel – Author & Speaker – Real Estate Trends, Business Leadership, Motivational & Social Media.

Twitter allows users to create lists and even groups using TweepML, an extensible, open standard format that allows you to manage and share groups of Twitter users.  Here are some of the most popular lists and groups that have been created by other twitter members using TweepML.

If you’re looking to follow some or any of the Top 100 Most Influential and Interesting Real Estate Professionals on Twitter, here is a link to the list provided by Stefan for your review and use.  If you follow any or all of these “tweeters” you’re guaranteed to gain your fair share of valuable information.  These “TOP 100” are a great resource for anything and everything Real Estate Industry related. Click on the button below and take a look for yourself.

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How To Add Video Introduction to Twitter

How To Add Video Introduction to Twitter is a FREE site and tool that allows you to create a short introduction or “BubbleTweet ” for your Twitter profile page.  This is a great way to add some visual video and personality for your readers and followers.  Here’s a great new way to tell visitors what you do, what you like, and what they can expect to find by following your tweets on Twitter.


Jim ReppondUse the bubble to express your interests and the value that you hope to bring to your Micro-Blog.  One thing to consider is the downside of BubbleTweet.  If you aren’t sure what to say, then don’t do it, you could actually lose followers. That’s not the case with this “Tweeter.”  See what REALTOR Jim Reppond has to say and how he’s using BubbleTweet to greet and inform his visitors and followers on Twitter.

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Real Estate and Twitter – Over 900 Tools

Real Estate and Twitter – Over 900 Tools

Tweet BirdThere is no doubt that if you’re in the Real Estate Industry, or any industry for that matter, you’ve already heard of Twitter and in many cases have already signed up and are using it. Or at least trying to figure out how to use it for your personal or business use.

The thing about Twitter is that you have to try and get your arms around the concept, the value, the power and the purpose of why it exists and why millions of people are using it.  Twitter is a micro-blogging World Network, but it can also be as local as you want to make it.

Just about the time you figure out how and why to use it, someone comes up with another Twitter add-on, Twitter tool, or Twitter 3rd party service. Now you have a site that keeps track of all these new tools, add-ons, and services for you. site has pulled Over 900 different Twitter Tools for you to explore, all sorted by category, and all conveniently located on one site.  How do we know about this cool site? We saw their Tweet.

The Twitter Tools

If you are new to Twitter, just watching some of these threads, following a few key folks, and posting a few tweets yourself can open a whole new world of knowledge and tools you may want to consider for your business. With over 900 available on this site, you’re bound to find a few.

If you’re in Real Estate, here’s the Top 100 Most Influential People – Pros from the Real Estate Industry.  We suggest you should be following them all.  In a single day, you can learn more from these folks than any other resource out there on the web.

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